5 steps
to speed up Mac

Efficient applications to optimize Mac’s performance

1. Free up space on hard drive

Disk Expert icon

Disk Expert

One of the reasons your Mac is so slow is the lack of free disk space. Always try to leave ample free space on your hard drive - at least 20-30%. This is especially important for SSD. For a visual viewing of disk usage you can use a convenient application Disk Expert which allows you to view the biggest files and folders and remove large and old ones.

Disk space analyzer

2. Get 35% OFF for Cleanup tools

MacCleaner icon

MacCleaner PRO

You can get rid of all unneeded data with the applications mentioned below. They will help you to keep your Mac clean. It is important to mention that you can find all the cleanup utilities you need in Mac Cleanup Suite at 35% OFF. This bundle contains all the necessary apps to free up disk space and optimize your Mac’s performance. You can also search for individual programs which suit you more.

3. Install additional RAM memory

RAM icon

If these tips do not help you and your Mac is still running slow, it makes sense to replace your hard drive with SSD drive and install additional RAM.
We close with this important reminder to always update all programs and the operating system to the latest version to optimize your Mac’s performance.